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FROM MY HEART TO YOURS...about teacups.

There are as many different "ways" people determine whether a dog is a "teacup" using every form of measuring technique from measuring the croup (rear end part of the backbone-near the tail) with a teacup, to placing them in a teacup when they are newly born. ANY Chihuahua born should have a birth weight of 2 to 7 ounces, so, of course, they would fit in a tea cup, right? Let's put our brains on for a moment.

I once witnessed a woman who lovingly bragged that her 3 pound, 10 week old puppy was a "teacup". There's nothing to do in that situation but enjoy the dog with her and help her feel she made a loving choice.

I've had people call me asking for the tiniest male and female combination, so they could breed them to get teacups. Does anybody remember Wilt Chamberlain??? His parents were under 4', as my memory serves me, and he was, HOW TALL??? The size of the dogs in front of you is only part of the equation.

And then I have people who EXPECT a "teacup" to have health problems. I'm all for making lives better. Honestly, that's what my life is dedicated to, is helping humanity make their lives much better. But do we have to "expect" a dog to be sick in order to have the status of a "teacup" in our shirt pocket when we go to a store?

Having fleas, worms, or other parasites can reduce sizes or weaken puppies. Having infrequent feed or "competitive feeding" can reduce the size of puppies. Premature births can decrease the size of puppies, too, as could insufficient food or high stress.

WeeSmall Chihuahuas and WeeSmall Pomeranians can't and won't practice these habits. I give vitamins and minerals and herbs to dogs who are even a little weak. I hold them back from sale until they ARE strong enough in my own house and until I am confident they will succeed without incident in your home.

If that would fail, I would put the dog to sleep rather than send him onto you. And I use a weight measurement chart to guess, by mathematical estimation, the expected adult weight of the dog. I do not guarantee the size of the dog; no breeder should. But I take comparative measurements throughout the lifetime of the dog, and I pay attention to each dog's growth pattern, and to the parents' history of children and ancestory.

I say all of this to ask, humbly, that wee all put our thinking caps back on. Some people want to rescue dogs and don't mind paying for monthly medication. May God bless those people for their kindnesses to our animals. But should we breed weaknesses in dogs to achieve super downsizing just so someone can have status? I don't think such weaknesses should be expected as normal and acceptable.

And then there are people in the dog world who have a long list of pet pieves and who get snotty whenever anybody violates their pieve list, such as using marketing terms like "Teacups" and "Mineature Chihuahuas" or "Pocket Puppies". I homeschool my children and I haven't found, yet, that snotty words helps them learn anything on my pet pieve list!

And I receive a lot of people who want the tiniest dog at bargain basement prices. I take care of my mothers and fathers, I eliminate any defective lines such as "heart defects" or "rye mouths" from our lines so you get healthy puppies who will last a lifetime. I practice parasite elimination and sanitation practices continually, and socialize the puppies. And, believe me, it all costs a lot of money, a lot more than I thought it would.

And if I purchase a dog at $800 plus $250 shipping, and have to eliminate her from my lines, that just cost me over $1000. I price my dogs to cover these costs, to sell for the market's demand, and for the puppies' early sell for their own good.

And if I have to use the "teacup" word to accommodate those people who don't know how to describe that certain size they want, then I will compromise and use that word, reluctantly, and with qualifying the above information. But I prefer to use the word, tiny (2-3 pounds), small (3 to under 4 pounds), medium (4 to 5 1/2 pounds) and large (5 1/2 pounds or more). AND, I'm not afraid to make or sell an extra-large Chihuahua to a family home because there are those of us who just don't want to take a chance and step on the little darlings, and would prefer a larger dog!

Let's put our brains back on, for a moment. How DOES someone new to the Chihuahua arena ask for a tiny Chihuahua if they don't know the acceptable lingo? They just want a dog to love and my attitudes won't encourage that loving relationship. I'm giving grace to them, not my attitudes about unscrupulous breeders with a vocabulary problem.


Two things.

One. Tiny "teacups" are a bonus, not our goal. Wee have some tiny puppies, in fact we have some huge puppies, too. But tiny puppies are often requested but don't always find a home until they are four to nine months because it's hard to find those people when you have the 2 pounder in your hand and you're charging $1200-1500 for the privilege of a healthy dog.

Two. In five years, I have had two puppies with that perfect personality in a very small or tiny body. I have calls from all over the United States asking for that perfect personality in the tiniest package, regardless of color. Let me be honest. If I have only had two in five years, that means the perfect personality dogs are quite rare, and THOSE puppies are worth the money we charge.

Shehadda Victory and deKay, both found on the front page of our web page, Shehadda Victory reaching 2 pounds, 2 ounces, and deKay reaching 3 pounds, 2 ounces.

People ooohhhhed and aaaawwwed when they saw these two girls' personalities. They were confident, sassy, confident, pleasing, in-tune with you, confident, resiliant, happy-go-lucky, fiesty, compliant, independent, confident, people-pleasing and a sheer-delight. It was that perfect personality everybody said they wanted but could never find. And did I mention confident?

Shehadda Victory reached 2 pounds, 2 ounces, and struggled. I discovered NuVet vitamins/herbs/minerals at the tail end of her struggle, which has cured almost every single incident since then, and have found better ways to help those little puppies.

deKay is so in tune with the owner that she reads them, she THINKS, and she sits on collar bones and hip bones in the most "I AM YOURS" kind of way!

In a desperate attempt to capture a photo of several girls, I placed Honey Boy, deKay and Taffy in several positions with camera ready over several different days, and began shooting. Those three gave me tremendous results! All were tiny and all were quite enjoyable.

On one of those days, when I placed a human cracker "treat" for them to reach, they strained and stretched, without results, for several minutes. deKay THOUGHT about the cracker she couldn't reach, climbed onto the back of the couch, across my collar bone, and down my arm, stretching her tongue out as far as she could to capture the nibble from my hand. She was balancing down the length of my arm with her tongue stretched out, to get the treat. I was so shocked that I quit the game in hysterical story-telling antics to my family.

deKay returned to my lap. When I glanced at her, she was looking at me, stoopified, with the expression on her face of, "I don't understand. I thought you wanted to give me that treat. I don't understand. I don't know what you want me to do." Her little heart had sunk down in disappointment. I had never seen her disappointed before. Never before, nor ever since.

I was the delight of her heart, her every though every waking moment of the day. I had promised her a treat, and then failed to give it to her even though she had tried to figure out what I wanted. Well, she got the treat, and then a few more! And THAT was the day she captured my heart, even though I had tried to not be attached to this puppy I had to sell.

Shehadda Victory and deKay have that personality which is in-tune with you, delightful, almost-human-like, and quite pleasing. They are dainty, bold, sassy, compliant. If you place all the opposite personalities on either end of a piece of paper...bold/compliant, submissive/assertive, then you would have these two girls, deKay and Shehadda, owning both sides of the paper. They are a perfect balance of personalities.

If you are looking for tiny or "teacup" dog, please let me know ahead of time. I'm looking for STABLE homes with stable incomes to take a smaller dog. But I don't want them to wait six to seven months before I find a good home for them.

Someone might say to me, Sarah, that's quite greedy to mention stable incomes. But if you've ever walked around a 2 pound dog in your kitchen for ANY length of time, you quickly face the reality of the increased risk of injury for such a tiny dog, and quickly see the income has to be stable just in case an accident does happen.

Again, I think we have to put on our brains for a moment. Most small Chi's live happy, long lives in pampered bliss, without any incident ever happening. I have to place them responsibly, and preferrably at earlier ages.

Please contact me at (304) 534-0696 (not an e-mail) to discuss a "teacup" or a "tiny" dog if you decide you want a "call back" and if you are willing to wait for that ultra extra-special personality.

Dottie or Rocket, produce smaller puppies.  Together, they typically produce 2 to 3 1/2 pounders, both traditional and merled colors, with nicer characteristics than other dogs.
Our 3 1/2 pound Touchdown was Dottie and Rocket's male.  Wee kept Touchdown primarily to breed with our smaller females.  Our goal is zero-cesarians.   Wee intend to keep larger females to ensure that, but when our females stopped growing earlier, wee had to come up with another plan.
Our Gumbo is our 3 pound, recessive colored male who came from our small Leah with small genetics.  Wee're expecting a higher percentage of appleheads and finer bones and recessive colors from Gumbo.
And wee have several smaller females who simply didn't get as big as wee expected them to.  If it weren't for Touchdown and Gumbo being very small with small genetics behind them, wee would not have bred them.   But when we saw that Sozo, our 2nd smallest, popped out Gumbo's puppies like they were nothing, wee decided to start breathing and let go of our fear!  Gumbo and Touchdown would do well as fathers.
Be looking for Sozo, Zoe, Boom Boom, Carise and Dottie's puppies, to mention a few.


** Cell   (304)  534 - 0696 **

For the interest of our time, please, PLEASE, give us a telephone call rather than an e-mail.  Wee're a large family continually at home because wee homeschool five children and conduct accounting and dog business from home. In our spare time wee garden and serve the community, church, family and friends.

I type 94 wpm but I speak 160!  And because I want to give you information so you make a sound decision you won't regret, I will be available for phone calls almost every single day and almost all hours.

Information cannot be communicated clearly in e-mail form without a LOT of thought, effort and rewriting time. An e-mail might be great for a quick note, but we use the telephone to communicate and wee can call you back long-distance on our nickel.

YOU are our priority. Our household makes haste to respond quickly to your phone call. And you can always recall repeatedly should you wish to do so, wee certainly don't mind.

** Cell   (304)  534 - 0696 **
Eastern Standard Time Zone
Please respect our sleeping schedules 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Should there be an emergency, of course, wee expect you to call and re-call until wee get the phone.